is back!

By | 9th January 2019

Finally getting around to putting my website back up. I had it hosted at Easily for years, but they ‘upgraded’ their whole site and system during 2018 and it is now completely broken. I had my email go down twice for several weeks during the year and I have never been able to log into their Webmail service since it changed. Now, I have a lot of patience, so I gave them plenty of time, but enough is enough.

So, the result is that I am now hosting my site here at 000Webhost. If these guys have a good thing going here, and it looks like they do, I’ll switch it back to a full paid-for site using my proper domain name instead of just forwarding you here.

Moving on, I am currently heavily into the online sim-racing game iRacing. If you are looking for a good racing simulator, rather than an arcade style racing game, then iRacing is for you. I even bought myself a Thrustmaster T150 Pro Wheel and Pedal set and I already had a HTC Vive VR headset. Racing games and VR are just made for each other. When I first got into a car in VR I experienced some motion sickness and thought…uh oh…this isn’t good. Fortunately, I persisted and it disappeared fairly quickly and I really wouldn’t want to go back to racing on a flat monitor again, the immersion in VR is just amazing. Smooth motion in VR when moving in an FPS game, on the other hand, is taking a lot longer to get used to. I think I’m just about there now though – a purchase of Fallout 4 VR has made me get used to it!