iRacing Week 7 – Interlagos

By | 29th January 2019

The F3 Championship arrived in Brazil this week as we hit the track at Autódromo José Carlos Pace, otherwise known as Interlagos. To be honest, I had quite a bit of trouble with my setup here. I couldn’t seem to get any of my setups from previous tracks to work, even after making various adjustments. I still got plenty of practice laps in though and near the end of the week I managed to get hold of a setup kindly posted on the iRacing forums by Richard Craig. This really helped and finally I had a car that was stable.

Sadly, my first race was a disaster. I didn’t bother qualifying and so started near the back of the field. My race didn’t last long as I accelerated too hard out of a hairpin on lap 2, sending my car into a spin. Someone then hit my front right wheel which ended my race. A real beginners error and totally my own fault. I guess I’m still learning my race craft. It also cost me 75 rating points.

Anyway, I really had to try again after that so I entered another race the next day. I did a qualifying run this time and started 11th on the grid. I should say here that sitting on the starting grid in a racing car in VR is just an awesome feeling that I don’t think I will ever tire of.

Start grid at Interlagos
Start grid at Interlagos

This race went better. I kept my focus and did everything to avoid other cars during the first few laps. This wasn’t easy as there were crashes all around me, but I survived. Once the race settled it was just a case of maintaining my focus. I managed a couple of overtakes and was also overtaken myself, but I finished the race in 7th place. Not too bad and I regained 45 of those 75 rating points. I also scored 52 championship points taking me to 43rd out of 327 drivers in the Division 6 title race. Others ahead of me have raced more so there’s quite a bit of room for improvement yet.

Next week’s race is at Oulton Park in England, which I don’t own, so I won’t be entering the race this week.