Football Superstars ML7

By | 3rd February 2019

The classic online football MMO, Football Superstars, will be launching the Masters League 7 tournament very soon. The sign-up window for the tournament will be open between the 4th and 14th of February 2019 on the Superstars League website.

Quite a few players have returned to the game recently and so there could be the biggest entry yet of Player Managed Clubs. I have played in all the previous Masters League tournaments so far and will turning out for my current team, BigNation, in this one.

This game, first released in the spring of 2009, has been given the death knell many times. However, it continues to live on, and even thrive, due to a dedicated core community and the fact that there still isn’t anything remotely like it in existence.

Football Superstars

If you don’t already know, the game allows you to control your player in the 3rd person view with the other players in your team controlled by each of your team mates in either 5, 7 or 11-a-side matches. Only the goalkeepers are controlled by AI. The game requires real team skills as well as individual ball skills in order to be competitive. It is an easy game to try out (and free to a point), but can take a long time to master. Note that because the game has been around so long, most of the players and matches are played at the top level in Division 1. Once you reach the higher levels, and especially in the many organised tournaments, it becomes necessary to spend real money on in-game items to keep your player equipped with the best stats to compete effectively.

If you are new to the game you may find it quite difficult to level up your character as the population in the lower leagues is very low now. In order to mitigate this, a merger of the lower leagues, that is Divisions 2,3 & 4, may be implemented in the near future. If you do try the game, try to get yourself into an established Player Managed Club (PMC) as soon as possible, because playing with random players can be very frustrating and you will lose often to PMC’s who nearly always ‘stack’ one of the Football Superstars Clubs.