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MAME Cabinet Diary #26

By | 26th February 2005

My Marquee retainer arrived from Happ Controls. I’m not quite sure how to fix it on yet, but until I get my marquee sign made I’m not going to worry about it too much. I also ordered some spare buttons and a replacement switch for one of my joysticks as one of them had lost the… Read More »

MAME Cabinet Diary #25

By | 6th February 2005

I bought some Plexiglas the other day from B&Q After making some careful measurements I marked out the required shapes on the Plexiglas using a felt-tip pen. I knew that cutting this stuff without breaking it was going to be a challenge, but it had to be done! Fortunately, I only need straight edges so… Read More »

MAME Cabinet Diary #24

By | 31st January 2005

After much web searching and thinking about what to use as a bezel I eventually decided to make my own. I based my design on the tutorial from Dens Gameroom. However, since I didn’t have an existing bezel that I could use as a template, I drew my own design based on the pictures shown. I… Read More »

MAME Cabinet Diary #23

By | 29th January 2005

Oh my god! Was it August 2003 when I last posted on my MAME Cab? Where does time go? Well, it has to be said I haven’t too done much with it since. However, I have now bought myself a new widescreen TV and donated my old Philips one to the MAME cabinet. Here’s a… Read More »

MAME Cabinet Diary #22

By | 31st August 2003

I bought a glue gun and had a go at gluing the T-Molding in place. A fairly slow process but a satisfactory result. The hot glue sticks the T-Molding to the wood very well. I also taped on a paper print out of the marquee I’m going to use. I’ll probably get a nice semi-transparent… Read More »

MAME Cabinet Diary #21

By | 19th August 2003

I’ve finished painting my cabinet! It takes great patience waiting for each coat of the primer to dry and then for each coat of the paint. However, it’s worth it in the end and I’m pleased with the result. I have also attached the front door using the hinge I bought. I had to get… Read More »

MAME Cabinet Diary #20

By | 18th August 2003

I made a start on spray painting parts of my cabinet. I quickly discovered that spraying directly onto the MDF was not going to work very well. So, I took yet another trip to B&Q after work to look for some primer. I discovered you can buy specific MDF Primer, so I bought a tin.… Read More »

Pac-Man Diary #15

By | 13th August 2003

Found the edible ghost sound! Checked everything was running smoothly and provided a download. 18 months in the making and Wobman is finally complete! Go play!

Pac-Man Diary #14

By | 12th August 2003

I’ve managed to resolve all the issues I had and Wobman is running like a dream now. I’ve made the latest version (v1.13) available for download which includes the executable. I had to make one decision regarding the high score which is now saved to file. In the original arcade version the score clocked at 100000 points.… Read More »

MAME Cabinet Diary #19

By | 11th August 2003

In an attempt to keep some progress going on my MAME cabinet, I decided to take a trip to B&Q (hardware store) yesterday to buy some parts I knew I was going to need: a piano hinge : The panel at the front which will house the coin door will also swing open. a ball… Read More »