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iRacing Week 6 – Okayama

Today was raceday for me. It’s week 6 of the iRacing F3 Championship and we are at Okayama in Japan (virtually, of course). The F3 races are designed to last about 30 minutes, so this one was set for 20 laps of the 2.3 mile circuit.

The big news is that I decided to break the mold and run the qualifying laps to get a position further up the grid. I know, I said I wasn’t going to, that I would start every race from the back to avoid the mayhem, but I know this track so well that I had to take the chance. In the end, it was probably the right choice as I ended up in a pretty low strength of field split of 964. Before the race my irating was 1169. So, not too surprisingly, my qualifying time put me 3rd on the starting grid.

F3 Championship at Okayama

Now most crashes happen during the first lap or two of a race when everyone is bunched together, with the first few corners being the most dangerous. I got off to a reasonable start, but as we reached turn 4, Attwood Curve, someone spun in front of me. The only way for me to avoid hitting him was to go onto the gravel. This cost me a few places, but I was still in the race. The same thing happened on the second to last bend and this put me off line for the final bend and I was back on the gravel again and lost several more places. I ended lap one in 16th place. All I could do was dig in and try to catch as many as I could. I caught up and passed 3 or 4 cars and some others must have crashed out ahead if me as I finished the race in 9th place. Not great, but I gained a minuscule 6 rating points to 1175, and 36 championship points, taking me up to 54th out of 299 having completed 4 races. The next race is at Interlagos in Brazil and I will be competing once again.

Fallout 4 VR First Quest Bug

During the last Steam Winter Sale I decided to purchase Fallout 4 VR. Both it and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR have been on my wishlist for a while. Since I already own the regular version of Skyrim, it was always unlikely that I would fork out another 40 quid (or even 20 quid in the fairly regular sale offers) on the VR version. So, Fallout 4 VR was a little more tempting during the sale.

I’m really enjoying the feeling of presence in the Fallout world that VR gives you, even in this first generation of headsets, it’s easy to let yourself be transported to another place for a while. Unfortunately, the first main quest, which involves clearing the nearby town of Concorde of hostiles, has a bug. I spent close to an hour searching out the last remaining hostiles which were nowhere to be found. Finally, I gave in to a Google search. It transpires that this mission has a fairly common bug in that it doesn’t recognise that the town has been cleared. A couple of workarounds are available, which I won’t repeat here as they are easy enough to find if you need them. One involves resurrecting a dead Raider and killing him again, the other simply triggers the end of the mission. The Raider option didn’t work for me (I tried several times), so I had to opt for the latter solution, which did work. These workarounds are also tricky to do in the VR version as you have to type commands in to the console.

I’m not that far into the game yet, so I’ll see how the other quests turn out. I also seem to have lost Dogmeat, think I must have left him somewhere so I better go find him. is back!

Finally getting around to putting my website back up. I had it hosted at Easily for years, but they ‘upgraded’ their whole site and system during 2018 and it is now completely broken. I had my email go down twice for several weeks during the year and I have never been able to log into their Webmail service since it changed. Now, I have a lot of patience, so I gave them plenty of time, but enough is enough.

So, the result is that I am now hosting my site here at 000Webhost. If these guys have a good thing going here, and it looks like they do, I’ll switch it back to a full paid-for site using my proper domain name instead of just forwarding you here.

Moving on, I am currently heavily into the online sim-racing game iRacing. If you are looking for a good racing simulator, rather than an arcade style racing game, then iRacing is for you. I even bought myself a Thrustmaster T150 Pro Wheel and Pedal set and I already had a HTC Vive VR headset. Racing games and VR are just made for each other. When I first got into a car in VR I experienced some motion sickness and thought…uh oh…this isn’t good. Fortunately, I persisted and it disappeared fairly quickly and I really wouldn’t want to go back to racing on a flat monitor again, the immersion in VR is just amazing. Smooth motion in VR when moving in an FPS game, on the other hand, is taking a lot longer to get used to. I think I’m just about there now though – a purchase of Fallout 4 VR has made me get used to it!