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Pac-Man Diary #15

By | 13th August 2003

Found the edible ghost sound! Checked everything was running smoothly and provided a download. 18 months in the making and Wobman is finally complete! Go play!

Pac-Man Diary #14

By | 12th August 2003

I’ve managed to resolve all the issues I had and Wobman is running like a dream now. I’ve made the latest version (v1.13) available for download which includes the executable. I had to make one decision regarding the high score which is now saved to file. In the original arcade version the score clocked at 100000 points.… Read More »

Pac-Man Diary #13

By | 8th August 2003

I did some more work on Wobman last night. Odd things still seem to occur with the sound even with the latest version of Blitz (v1.35). However, I’ve managed to overcome what I think is a bug in Blitz and got the sound working. Compiled the exe and everything still runs okay! I’ve got a… Read More »

Pac-Man Diary #12

By | 6th August 2003

Errr…this diary is waaaayyyy behind. A year and half since I last posted here? Where does time go? Anyway, since my last post I’ve rewritten the whole shebang in Blitz3D, and most recently I’ve tried it with the new BlitzPlus which is designed specifically for 2D games. The game has been revamped a lot and… Read More »

Pac-Man Diary #11

By | 31st January 2002

I extend the ‘eating ghosts’ code so that when you eat them a sound plays and the amount you’ve scored for eating it is displayed. I want it look just like the arcade version. The game now has a brief pause when you eat a ghost, this is basically to display the amount of points… Read More »

Pac-Man Diary #10

By | 30th January 2002

Well, tomorrow is here. Changed quite a few things cosmetically! There’s now a picture surrounding the maze on a dark blue background. The only black area now is in the game area itself. There was a reason for this. The only way I could think of implementing the passageway was to place a couple of… Read More »

Pac-Man Diary #09

By | 29th January 2002

I decide to rewrite a lot of the code to do with moving the ghosts. It’s just getting too messy. I’ve now included more arrays so I can configure each individual ghost more easily. As it was, there was no easy way to control the individual speed of each ghost sprite. I also fixed the… Read More »

Pac-Man Diary #08

By | 28th January 2002

Oh my, and I thought last night was bad. Things start off okay, I manage to implement the ghosts changing into just eyes when you eat them. Simple enough, just hide the appropriate sprite leaving just the eyes. The problem started when I began programming them to go back to the hut when eaten and… Read More »

Pac-Man Diary #07

By | 27th January 2002

I would like to get the Power Pills working tonight. They have have a different code from standard pills in the array so I know when one has been eaten. Changing the ghost sprites to the blue edible ones is a little tricky, but not too bad. I change the collision routines so that you… Read More »

Pac-Man Diary #06

By | 26th January 2002

My main task for this evening is to add some Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the ghosts. At the moment they’re just picking random directions and they’re not even doing that very well. My plan is to let them know the coordinates of Wobman so they have a ‘target’ to head for. I have to rewrite… Read More »